At Longton Spiritualist Church, we hold services on a Sunday at 6.30pm.

This is a Divine service where we have an address of philosophy & a demonstration of mediumship.

On a Monday at 7.30pm we have a service which is a demonstration of mediumship.

Serving the local community for over 100 years

A church that welcomes all

November Services 

Sunday 3rd - Yvonne Lefevre

Monday 4th - Karen Mosley

Sunday 10th - Kathryn Shirley

Monday 11th - International Mediums with Andy Byng CSNU

Sunday 17th - Andy Byng CSNU

Monday 18th - Linda Bennett CSNU

Sunday 24th - Claire Merryweather CSNU

Monday 25th - Robert Cairnie


December Services


Sunday 1st – Lynda Wakefield


Monday 2nd–Pietro Politano & Guests


Sunday 8th - Sian-Marie Hughes

Monday 9th - International mediums with Paul Jacobs CSNU

Sunday 15th - Gail Riding CSNUt

Monday 16th International mediums with Mavis Pittilla OSNU

Sunday 23rd - Kath & Mitch Shirley

Monday 23rd - Christmas Carol service

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