This Church was opened in 1995. The old Longton Church was in Lightwood Road across from the library and was demolished to make room for the new A50. If you visit Longton Church we know that you will find a friendly atmosphere.

There is always an Officer or Committee Member of the Church who will be delighted to show you around and answer any questions. If you have a specific enquiry we can help you.

Spiritualism is a recognised religion and as such we hold Divine Services in the Church conducted with reverence to God, however you percieve your God or infinite power to be.

There is so much more to discover at a Spiritualist Church and Longton Church promotes Spiritualism as the Spiritualists National Union decrees, to which we are affiliated.

Spiritualism has no fixed creed or dogma and embodies the belief of most religions, that there is life after death. Man is immortal and we acknowledge the existence of God. Our mediums endeavour to give evidence that man survives physical death and that there is a path of eternal progress for all mankind with an acceptance of responsibility for one's own actions.

This evidence will give give you an opportunity to discover for yourself & act as a key to open your own door to the reality of your spirit.

The Address during a Divine Service is based on the Philosophy of Spiritualism embodied in the Seven Principles.

The Committee of the Church


Kath Shirley

Vice Presidents

 Jackie Shaw & Graham Pedley

Secretary & Treasurer

Mitch Shirley


Janine Dean, Jill Lawrence,

Lisa Wilkinson, Pat Barnet, Steve Critchley, 

Local Warden

Fred Simmons (LSSNU)

Panel Warden 

Roy Simpson