Forest Trees

Classes & Groups
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Meditation Group

Tuesday 11.00am -12noon  

All are welcome who wish to spent time relaxing with music & guided meditation

£3.00 Donation

Awareness & Development Classes

Wednesday 7.30pm - 9.30pm with Kath & Mitch Shirley

For those who wish to have an understanding of their own spirit & those who want to develop their connection with the sprit world through a deeper understanding of how communication works. The more advanced will be helped to deepen their understanding of mediumship and enhance their abilities.

£4.00 Donation

Thursday 11.00am - 12.30pm with Kath Shirley

This group is for intermediate level & advanced who wish to have the opportunity to work with their mediumship.

£3.00 Donation

Thursday 1.30pm - 3pm with Linda Phillips

This group is for beginners who wish to learn the basics and begin to develop their awareness of the reality of spirit.

£3.00 Donation

You may attend one or all groups that interest you or will help you. There is no requirement of membership to attend any of the groups or classes. You will be made very welcome if you choose to visit or attend our beautiful sanctuary.