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Private Sittings

Private sittings are on a one to one basis and usually last for 30 minutes. In many ways, each sitting is an experiment, and no guarantees can be made that specific individuals will come forward to communicate through the medium.

Understandably, many people that come to a sitting want to receive messages from someone in particular that has died physically, but in a sitting, the medium will work with whoever comes forward to communicate with you. It is up to those in the Spirit World if and how they wish to communicate. 

Our mediums work to give evidence of survival of the soul after physical death and will share information with you that is received from whichever communicator (or communicators) step forward in the sitting.  The medium will endeavour to give you evidence to help you find this truth for yourself in your search.
Don't hesitate to contact the church to arrange a private sitting or find out more about a sitting or any of the activities or events that take place in our church.

We also have sittings available with some of the visiting mediums advertised at various times throughout the year.

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