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Often described as a very strong lady, outspoken, determined and hard working, Fanny possessed a unique gift of mediumship often displaying physical and trance mediumship.
At the tender age of 14 (1903) Fanny was introduced to Spiritualism when she visited Longton Spiritualist Church with her Aunt Mrs Taylor, who went on to be instrumental in the founding of Blackpool Spiritualist church. It was at this Church that Fanny was given a message by medium Annie Brittain which would change her life.
Annie Brittain told Fanny that her future spiritual development lay in trance mediumship. She also told Fanny that she would have a son who would become a world famous platform medium. During the message Fanny was told that Annie had a spirit lady with her who was also named Fanny and was in fact the 14 year old's mother. Stating that this was impossible as she had left her mother only one hour previously, Fanny was advised to return home. On her arrival at the home she shared with her mother, Fanny was devastated that her mother had indeed passed away.
This message through Annie Brittain became a milestone in Spiritualism history proving that prophetic evidence and validity could not be questioned.
Fanny Higginson & Mrs Taylor started to sit for their own development under the tutorage of Annie Brittain.

Fanny served Longton Spiritualist Church for seventy years as a gifted trance medium, giving over one thousand private sittings. Recipients described the evidence given as "life changing". In fact a famous mining company would not dig test bores without consulting her, so accurate was her advice.
Fanny bore a son (Gordon) and the prophecy was fulfilled when he became a world famous platform medium. His name is remembered today with love and respect. Gordon Higginson was to become one of the most prolific mediums of all time.

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