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What if or if only

So often we generate different possibilities following or during minor or major occurrences in our lives. We try to make sense of something that is usually out of our control or has now taken place & we can no longer influence the outcome. We start voicing our thoughts or options as if we can alter it through hindsight. We look to alter the reality we now find ourselves in.

We are a soul expressing itself & can only & have only ever been able to be, at that very moment we are.

We can create different scenarios to soothe our feelings of what could or has happened. We tie ourselves up in fear & punish ourselves, through the infinite possibilities that may or may not of altered the course of what did actually happen. This fear of getting it wrong or of being rejected by our actions or lack of them, along with words said or unsaid. Can & often does leave us paralysed within the moment the event occurred. Not allowing us to live our current moment fully. We can & must for our future moments learn to avoid the questioning & living in the past if we are to take the most from this life.

For if we release the pain & restrictions we are using to punish ourselves with, we can take positive from the negative. We must never dismiss our pain as trivial or weakness, but use it to reflect on what we want to change & what we are going to work on in our own development as the truest reflection of who we really are.

By accepting we are not perfect & will slip as we climb the mountain of becoming us. We may take a moment every now & then, to recognise how we have fallen & risen to try again to improve & hone the diamond within that is who we are. We must never dismiss what has shaped us & in what way it has shaped us, but that does not mean our current shape is the finished article. Far from being finished we actually never know how far we are in the process of creating the perfect diamond through the crushing, and living a life and all it's sunrises and sunsets.

We always have the spirit within, the divine to draw upon, to lift us to higher levels during the climb upwards. Or we can stop trying & stop learning from every aspect of ourselves, others & the natural world around us.

We are beautiful souls expressing the true essence of "The breath of God" within us & our intent is always the key to help us. We have a choice and through our free-will we reap what we sow. We learn through the many lessons we experience on this journey of life.

So what if you Love freely, show kindness, have and show gratitude and if only you can be You.

You may not always get it right, you may need help or be the help, you or someone else needs to be true to their soul.

So "What If or if only" you, are a part of this achievement.

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