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we will soon be reopening our church & sanctuary again on the 27th of June. After 18 months of not being able to meet, we once again have the opportunity to come together & spend time within the power of the spirit once more.

So often you need to lose something to see the true worth that it has for you & others. We have a chance to reset our priorities & live our life in a different way. We all have our own lives that run at different paces to others, but we can & do come together & enjoy each others company & blend all our energies together to create the atmosphere of the church.

We have the chance to invest in our future understanding by choosing to understand our place in the scheme of the universe. We all will receive what we give out in abundance, I wish for you all an abundance of happiness & kindness for self & others who cross our path through this life we live, while here on earth.

Please stay safe, but also do not lose the sense of adventure that you have. By doing new experiences we grow, sometimes with difficulty but we grow. This growing comes with many gifts of love from others to us & by us to others.

Take the time to see the beauty in the world & shine you're light into the darkness, for that is where it shines brightest & clearest for all who are in the dark.

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